Manner – looking after our customers since 1890

Manner is a traditional family-owned company founded in 1890. Manner has over 80 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of a variety of castor products. The first Manner castors were manufactured in the 1930s, and since 1974, the company has focused exclusively on castor products.

Customer orientation and professionalism have always been Manner’s core principles. We help our customers to determine their requirements and to find solutions. Our flexible production model allows us to fulfil customer-specific requirements, and our long experience guarantees that every product off our production line is of the highest Manner quality.

The leading castor manufacturer in the Nordic countries

In Finland, where Manner castors are already iconic, the company is the market leader; in the other Nordic countries Manner is also a leading castor brand. Manner trolley and roll container castors and Tango equipment castors are internationally renowned and valued castor solutions. Approximately two-thirds of our production is exported.

Manner’s distribution network in Finland covers the entire country, and we have a global representation network consisting of more than 20 importers.

Our product development team listens to the customers so that their requirements can be met as well as possible. Substantial investments have always been made in quality, product testing and design. In 1995, Manner was awarded ISO 9001 quality certification and in 2001, the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

Most of Manner’s own products are manufactured at our factory in Hanko, Finland. The special strengths of our production capabilities include injection mouldings of technical plastics.

Success factors

The starting point for Manner’s operations – product development, manufacturing, sales and customer service – is to take into account five success factors:


Customers’ needs must be continuously explored and identified.


Sensible decision-making and efficient operations will safeguard the company’s profitability and its future.


Honouring contracts and keeping our promises also ensures our customers’ success.

Know-how and job satisfaction

We achieve our goals through continuous staff training and improved workplace amenities.


Environmental protection and compliance with community responsibilities guide our decisions.