Manner castors are found wherever dependability, portability, smooth motion and durability are required.

Everything rolls on Manner castors

A suitable castor for almost any rolling device can be found in Manner’s castor selection as long at the speed remains under 4 km/h. Manner castors move smoothly, turn effortlessly and stand up to even the toughest use. Typical applications include, for example, distribution and milk containers, hospital and rehabilitation equipment, industrial kitchen equipment, serving trolleys and tables, factory and office furnishings and cleaning trolleys. The off-the-shelf product series include industrial castors, equipment castors and furniture castors. Manner is also always ready to design customised solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Choosing the right castor

Manner exhaustive range of castors has more than 2,000 options to choose from. Castors are available, for example, as fixed or swivel castors, with or without brakes and with many different surface materials. Download the guide for choosing a castor here!

Innovative design and customisation

Manner allows the end product frame and appearance to be designed in a completely new way. Equipment manufacturers also value our wide range of customisation options, such as colours.

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Tango - for use in different environments

Manner’s Tango equipment castor combines perfect design, practicality and reliability. The versatile Tango equipment castor is available with a variety of wheel options and features.

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Tango kuljetuspyörä jarrulla

e-SMART - easy to install, safe and ergonomic

The Manner e-SMART castor is equipped with a central locking system. The superior ergonomics and safety of the patented castor locking system improve and facilitate work.

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e-SMART kalustepyörä patentoidulla lukitusjärjestelmällä