Customised solutions

Products tailored to the customers’ needs

Customisation – products tailored to the customers’ needs

Manner has hundreds of pre-designed castor solutions suitable for a great variety of applications. Sometimes, however, a customer has a requirement that cannot be fulfilled with a standard product. Manner is ready to step in to develop and adapt a product so that it better suits the customer’s needs. Manner’s production and processes are designed to provide customers with tailor-made products efficiently and flexibly. Manner ensures that the product meets the standard requirements as well as those agreed on in the specifications.



Finding solutions together with the customer

The starting point is usually a problem that cannot be solved with standard products. The customer’s need is thoroughly explored by the customer and Manner specialists, who work together to find a solution. At Manner, customisation means either modifying a standard product or designing a new one so that it meets the customer’s needs perfectly. Customisation may relate to the product’s appearance, fittings, functionality, durability, resistance to certain conditions or usability.

Customized castors to meet customers need

Small or great needs

At its simplest, customisation may be a small change to an existing product, though its impact on the customer can be great. Even a small change can significantly improve quality, which in turn can further increase the life cycle of the end product or prolong the service interval.
At the other end of the scale, Manner has designed completely new products to meet customer’s requirements. The need for customisation can be small or great, Manner is always ready to find a solution

Manner customized castors

Examples of customised options

  • Special colours or colour combinations
  • Company logo on the product
  • Neutralisation – no logos or labels
  • Design
  • Special grease lubricant that meets specific durability requirements
  • Various locking systems
  • Special coatings for better corrosion resistance
  • Special solutions to improve load capacity
  • Special features that impact on product performance
  • Special solutions for mounting
  • Solutions that improve impact resistance or other product characteristics


  • Determining the requirements
  • Start of the design process
  • Approval of a proposal
  • Manufacture and approval of prototypes
  • Manufacture of products
  • Final testing
  • Production

Manner customized castors

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