Manner is the leading castors manufacturer in the Nordic countries

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Easily manoeuvrable twin wheel castor
with an easy-to-use brake pedal

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The leading castor manufacturer in the Nordic countries

Manner is a Finnish company specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of castors and castor solutions. Manner’s high-quality castors are found wherever portability, smooth motion, durability and dependability are required. Manner’s castor range includes more than 2,000 options for many a variety of applications. We manufacture castors for furniture in offices and business premises as well as for challenging conditions in heavy industries. Manner’s ranges includes products such as high-quality industrial castors, equipment castors and furniture castors as well as customised castor solutions.


Twin wheel castor with an easy-to-use brake pedal. Twist is an easily manoeuvrable and high-quality twin wheel castor for applications such as hospital beds and trolleys, medical chairs, furniture and other hospital and rehabilitation equipment.

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Innovative design and customisation

Manner allows the end product frame and appearance to be designed in a completely new way. Equipment manufacturers also value our wide range of customisation options, such as colours.

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Wide range of castors customisation options


Our product range includes more than 2000 different castors. Typical applications include, for example, distribution and milk containers, hospital and rehabilitation equipment, industrial kitchen equipment, serving trolleys and tables, factory and office furnishings and cleaning trolleys.

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Practical and reliable Tango castor with a variety of brakes

Treston trusts Tango

The wide range of castors, continuous product development and effortless cooperation have been the cornerstones of our decades-long cooperation with Manner.


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Tango pyörä jarrulla on turvallinen kalustepyörä

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