Stainless castors

Stainless castors are the right choice for wet and damp conditions that have a corrosive effect. Example applications include food industry equipment and trolleys as well as furniture, equipment and trolleys in industrial kitchens and hospitals.

Manner’s range includes a number of castor options in which the fork is made of either pressed stainless steel or glass fibre‐reinforced polyamide. The fork swivel bearing and the centre of the castor are fitted with stainless bearings. Stainless castors are available with a total-stop brake or directional locking depending on the model.

The castors are easy to clean and can be washed. When using detergents, please make sure that they do not damage the materials.

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Examples of popular applications:

  • Food industry equipment and trolleys
  • Fish processing equipment
  • Industrial kitchen equipment and trolleys
  • Hospital equipment
  • Hospital equipment and trolleys

Key user groups:

  • Industries
  • Health care
  • Kitchens and restaurants