Career at Manner

Manner is known for long-term employment of its workers. At Manner, professional skills and job satisfaction are of paramount importance, and much of the company’s success is attributed to staff expertise

Manner – looking after our customers since 1890

Manner is a traditional family-owned company founded in 1890. During its history, the company has manufactured a wide range of objects, from tin household containers to radio masts and from woodworking machines to high-pressure water tanks.

Manner has over 80 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of a variety of castor products. Customer orientation and professionalism have always been Manner’s core principles. We help our customers to determine their requirements and to find solutions. Our flexible production model allows us to fulfil customer-specific requirements, and our long experience guarantees that every product off our production line is of the highest Manner quality.

Designed and manufactured in Finland

Manner’s castors are designed and manufactured in Finland, more precisely in the town of Hanko. High Manner quality is a guarantee that, among other things, our products always exceed the requirements set by industry standards. We always take environmental and safety issues into account in all our operations.

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