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Our product range includes more than 2,000 different castors. Typical applications include distribution and milk containers, hospital and rehabilitation equipment, industrial kitchen equipment, serving trolleys and tables, factory and office furnishings and cleaning trolleys.

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Institutions and businesses

Manner equipment castors provide light and agile castor solutions for various equipment and trolleys used in shops, offices and institutions: furniture, shop and office equipment, computer and workstation carts, cleaning trolleys, shopping carts, clothes racks and stands.

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Huonekalupyörät ja kalustepyörät sopivat hyvin laitoksiin ja liikkeisiin

Kitchens and restaurants

Manner equipment and medical castors include a wide range of high-quality, durable and easily manoeuvrable castors for kitchens and restaurants: serving and food transport trolleys, industrial kitchen and restaurant equipment, dish trolleys and factory equipment.

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Manner kalustepyörät keittiöihin ja ravintoloihin

Health care

Manner medical castors offer a number of solutions designed for hospital and rehabilitation equipment. These elegantly designed, ergonomic castors include the Tango, Twist and e-SMART. Suitable applications include: hospital beds and furniture, medicine trolleys, rehabilitation equipment, shower chairs, medical chairs, walking aids, patient lifts and assistive devices.

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Mannerin kalustepyörät sopivat terveydenhuollon laitteisiin


Manner is known for its durable, long-lasting and maintenance-free industrial castors. Industrial castors and pneumatic wheels are ideal for various transport trolleys and equipment: goods, milk and laundry trolleys, dollies, distribution and food trolleys, waste containers, scaffolding and factory equipment.

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Manner teollisuuspyörät ovat mainio valinta logistiikka-alalle


Manner heavy duty castors are ideal for equipment that needs to move smoothly while withstanding heavy loads and hard use. Applications include hoists, heavy transport trailers, port equipment, boat trailers, pump carts and forklift trucks.

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Kestävät Manner teollisuuspyörät kovaan käyttöön

Innovative design and customisation

Manner allows the end product frame and appearance to be designed in a completely new way. Equipment manufacturers also value our wide range of customisation options, such as colours.

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