Conductive castors

Conductive castors are used in places where static discharge must be directed away from a device or a trolley, or static discharge must be prevented. Typical applications include the electronics industry and in hospitals, where the equipment or products are exposed to static electricity.

Manner’s conductive castors are made of high-quality raw materials that ensure excellent conductivity. The castor frames are made of pressed steel or conductive glass fibre-reinforced polyamide. The tread is electrically conductive polyamide, polyurethane or thermoplastic rubber, and the castors are fitted with plain or ball bearings, depending on the model. Thanks to the materials used, the treads do not leave marks on the surface or the floor.

All Manner conductive castors are ISO-compliant, meaning that their surface resistivity is less than 104(10,000) ohms.

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Examples of popular applications:

  • Hospital equipment
  • Electronics industry equipment and trolleys

Key user groups:

  • Industries
  • Health care