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Manner has produced high-quality castors since 1920's. The driving force behind the company’s business activities is its over 100 years’ experience in working metal and later plastic. Manner’s product range includes thousands of different castors.

The leading castor manufacturer in the Nordic countries

In Finland, where Manner castors are already a concept, the company is the market leader; in the other Nordic Countries Manner is a leading castor brand. Manner trolley and roll container castors and Tango equipment castors are internationally renowned and valued castor solutions. Approximately two-thirds of production is exported. Manner’s distribution network in Finland covers the entire country, and a global representation network includes over 20 importers. Manner has one subsidiary, Manner Poland, in Poland.

Product development has been brought close to customers to match their needs. Substantial investments have always been made in quality, product testing and design. In 1995 Manner was awarded ISO 9001 quality certification and in 2001 the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

Traditions and skills make Manner unique

Operating since 1890, Manner is a Hanko-based family company whose first products were sheet metal work. At the turn of the century, the nationally famous Finnish biscuits “Hangon Keksi” were packed in metal containers manufactured by Manner. Over the decades, business activities have expanded into such fields as mechanical engineering, steel component production and metal casting.

Castors made from sheet metal have been in production since the early 1950s. Castors were later selected as Manner’s core business area, and the first castors made from plastic raw materials were produced in the 1960s. Since 1974 castors have been Manner’s only product group.

The present Managing Director, Mr. Tapio Manner, represents the fourth generation. Since the 1980s the company has concentrated on strengthening its own product family and expanding its activities in global markets.

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