Robert Frias I CEO I Werth Systems Nordic Oy

Werth Systems’ cutting-edge equipment demands a lot from castors

Werth Systems was looking for castors suitable for its modular medical IT cart solutions across the world, but found the most castors that best met its requirements in Finland – from Manner.

Werth Systems provides high-quality medical IT equipment and cart, wall mount and stand solutions to healthcare operators, and the company is known as an expert in medical certification. Werth Systems Germany is responsible for the IT equipment while the various cart, wall mount and stand solutions are manufactured in Finland and have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol.

Among the most notable of Werth Systems’ products are its mobile and modular SMART-MED cart solutions for doctors and nurses. The carts are suitable for doing hospital rounds, for example, and can have one or two computer screens that display all necessary patient information and can also be used to show patients their X-ray images or other information.

Since the equipment is often used throughout the working day, the carts’ ergonomic design is their key feature. This places great demands on the castors of the device, which must be as light and easy to manoeuvre as possible, as well as conductive.

When the cart solution was being designed, visits were made to different parts of the world to explore castor options. A suitable castor was finally found in Finland. After several tests and experiments, it was decided that the Manner 125 mm lockable and electrically conductive Twist castor with double ball bearing was the right choice. “I was happy to realise that a product developed in Finland is capable of outperforming its international competitors in terms of quality while also being cost-effective.”

“It was important to us that everything that we need for our products could be purchased nearby. That was another reason why it was great that it was Manner’s castors that turned out to be the best option.”

Manner castors have now been used in Werth Systems’ cart solutions for a year, and feedback on the castors given by end users has been invariably positive. A comment that has been heard often is that the device moves extremely lightly, like on “watery ice.” Even carts that are actually slightly heavier than products made by other manufacturers have been perceived to be lighter because they are easier to move around and more agile thanks to Manner’s castors.

“When it comes to mobile solutions, all areas that affect manoeuvrability must be in perfect order. There are many people who don’t realise how important castors are, but it was clear to us right from the start that we needed to choose the best castors available.”

Many reasons to choose Manner castors:

“It was important to us that everything needed for our products could be purchased nearby. It was great that it was Manner’s castors that turned out to be the best option.”

Sturdy and manoeuvrable Twist twin-wheel castors

Manner’s Twist equipment castor is an easy-to-manoeuvre multi-purpose twin-wheel castor with an easy-to-use brake pedal.

  • Timelessly stylish design
  • Two heights
  • Easy to clean
  • Customisable to meet customer requirements

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