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Environment and quality

Manner’s mission is to provide its customers with castor solutions that are competitive in terms of their quality and price; environmental and safety considerations are also a natural part of all our operations.

We develop and manufacture workable, safe and value added-producing castor products and attachment solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We also offer our partners products that supplement our selections. Our decisions aim at achieving maintenance-free solutions serving users for many years to come.

Manner’s operating system complies with the requirements of the ISO-9001 quality standard as well as the ISO 14001 environmental standard; certifications for both standards have been granted to the company. We are continuously refining and updating the systems’ management systems and an outside expert audits our operations at regular intervals.

We take the environmental impacts of our operations into consideration during every working stage. Product properties, raw materials and production methods are selected according to environmental and occupational safety requirements. Besides being responsible for the quality of his or her own work, every Manner employee is obligated to prevent the passage of a faulty product to the next production stage.

We continuously monitor the volumes of various emissions and waste to effect their reduction. Our environmental figures have become one of the most important criteria in our surface treatment processes. We use the best feasible technology for water purification, and any solid residue in filters is transported to hazardous waste facilities.

Besides training our personnel to develop their awareness of quality, safety and environmental issues, we also update their professional expertise in areas that are essential to the continuous improvement of the company’s operations.

Besides remaining committed to its open and sincere relations with customers, public authorities and neighbours, Manner’s always strives to keep its stakeholder groups as well informed as possible regarding the company’s performance and possible operational changes.

Mikko Lietzen 
Managing Director

Manner | Pitkäkatu 17 | FI-10900 Hanko | Phone: +358 19 222 001 |