John Simpson | Sales Manager | Multi Trolley Ab

The Manner castors helped Multi Trolley to extend their product range

Multi Trolley Ab is a Swedish company established in 2010. The company designs and produces ergonomic products that allow a single user to move heavy furniture such as desks, tables, beds, sofas, boards and table tops without any heavy lifting or carrying. One of the biggest removals companies in Germany, DMS Spangenberg could not imagine their workday without Multi Trolley.

Multi Trolley Ab started using Manner castors after they found them to fill their extensive demands for a smooth, reliable and modern wheel. The quality fits well with their durable and innovative high-end product and the Manner wheels also allow them to offer their customers the option of wheels for inside and outside use. This is something they could not offer before. The wheels also allow for increased manoeuvrability.

“We feel that there is a great combination of price and usability with the wheels. There is also the fact that you have different sizes that allow us to cater for different customer needs, such as inside and outside needs. It gives us further flexibility to offer to our customers.”

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