Light equipment castors


E-series castors are designed for trolleys, stands and light, movable tables and worktops.

We designed the castor’s structure to be both durable and stylish. The fork is made of pressed galvanised steel, and the axle is riveted. Thermoplastic rubber tread ensures stable, easy manoeuvring. The range also includes a 75 mm polyamide wheel. The single action brake can also be fitted afterwards if necessary. Light equipment castors are also available with conductivity.

Read more about Manner’s equipment castors such as the lightweight e-SMART series.

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Examples of popular applications:

  • Cleaning trolleys
  • Clothing racks and stands
  • Light assembly and tool tables
  • Hospital trolleys and equipment
  • Other light trolleys

Manner E-sarjan kevyet kalustepyörät


75-125 mm

50-70 kg

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