Light equipment castors

Wheel 2000

When silent and vibration-free operation, low starting and rolling resistance, and striking design are required, Wheel 2000 is the castor of choice.

Thanks to the twin wheel structure and high-quality materials, the castor’s run is silent and almost vibration-free even on rough surfaces. Equipment with Wheel 2000 castors produces up to 90% less noise than when fitted with conventional wheels. Low rolling resistance makes the castors easy to manoeuvre. Wheel 2000 is maintenance free. The glass fibre-reinforced polyamide frame and coated stem guarantee good corrosion resistance and smooth operation even in demanding circumstances. The castor is easy to clean and can be pressure washed. Both wheels are equipped with a ball bearing. Wheel 2000 can be colour coordinated to match customer needs. Castors are available with a single action brake that can also be retrofitted if necessary.

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Examples of popular applications:

  • Serving trolleys
  • Industrial kitchen equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Design furniture


75-125 mm

50-70 kg

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