Tango with handbrake

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The popular and versatile Tango equipment castor comes with a model equipped with a handbrake, which has been designed for applications where users need to control braking and locking the wheels manually. Applications include mobility aid devices and other equipment and aid devices used indoors.

The indoor castor can be easily controlled by the reliable handbrake. A separate parking lever is available for the brake handles already in the market, which allows users to lock the wheel.
The elegant castor-fitting solution is quick and easy to mount. Manner is the only castor manufacturer in Europe to offer a solution where the castor is attached securely to the adapter in the horizontal tube. This means that the brake cable can be hidden in the tube to give a polished look.

The standard oval tube adapter can be fitted either into an oval or square tube measuring 50 x 30 x 2 mm, and other tube adapters can be designed according to customer requests.
The handbrake feature is available for the 125 mm Tango castors with brake or directional locking as well as for Tango castors without brake. The feature can also be combined with the Tango castor incorporating a two-stage brake, which has the total-stop brake and directional lock in the same castor. The feature is available for the 125 mm black, grey (RAL 7042) and light grey (RAL 7035) Tango castors. The castor has been tested and approved in accordance with standard ISO 11199 for mobility aid devices.

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