Quick interview with Manner’s new Sales Director, Jukka Immonen

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Manner’s new Sales Director, Jukka Immonen, started his job in early April, and we asked to have a short interview with him.

Jukka, welcome to Manner. How is the new job going?

Very well, thanks for asking. I’m learning the ropes and getting to know my colleagues. I must say that they all know what they are doing and are very dedicated. In addition to getting to know new people, the best thing about this job is learning new things.

You have not been in the job for very long, but you must have formed an opinion of Manner’s product development and production operations and the future of the company and the entire industry?

My first impression is that the so-called universal castor is being replaced by more specific products defined by their applications. Moreover, the proportion of electrically operated castors will increase significantly. With more sophisticated solutions, various IT-related elements will certainly also feature in the development of castors. As a company, Manner will surely become even more customer- and market-oriented. Let’s do another interview in 12 months’ time and see where we are and what we have learned

How would you describe yourself and what do you do when you’re not working?

In short, I would say that I’m open to new things and I have an analytical mind. I spend my free time walking my dog, playing golf and reading.

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