Interesting industrial history at the Manner Museum

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Interesting industrial history at the Manner Museum

Very few companies have their own museum, but Manner does. A company with such a long history has a lot to show, and Manner, with a history dating back more than a century, has manufactured a wide range of products from tin roofs, radio masts and mines to modern castor products.

The Manner Museum collections don’t go back quite as far as the invention of the wheel, but they do give a good overview of Finland’s industrial history. Wheels and castors were, in fact, produced at the Manner workshop for the first time in the 1930s and, before that, the company had been busy manufacturing a variety of other products.

The one-man company, founded in 1890, first produced household items and tin roofs but soon expanded to workshop operations. During its history, Manner has also been involved in the construction of the water and sewer networks in Hanko and the manufacture of the tin containers for the famous ‘Hangon keksi’ biscuits.

The company has repaired warships and manufactured mines and radio masts as well as machinery for the bakery and food industries. Castors took a bigger role in the operations in the 1950s, and since 1974 Manner has focused solely on castor products.

The Manner Museum features all the products from Manner’s long history as well as advertising signs, tools and many other interesting items. The museum’s collections keep expanding as Manner’s story continues!

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