Manner’s new modern look is a nod to its history

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Manner has revamped its visual appearance, which is reflected on the company website and in its demo videos as well as in its printed materials. The new timeless look found its inspiration in Manner’s long history, yet it is on trend and reaches out to the future. Manner’s familiar blue colour as well as the logo have been retained, representing tradition, while the new features include a clearer and more streamlined presentation of the content.
Manner’s traditional fresh blue has been kept in the new look, and the shades of blue are now accompanied by pure white. Together, the colours are stylish and emphasise the company’s Finnish roots. The clear and bold Futura continues to be Manner’s typeface. The company has been using it for quite a while, and it has now been brought up to date.
The strong and clear layout together with streamlined content reflect Manner’s reliability. The new presentation gives Manner’s high-quality products more visibility, and the explanatory icons enhance the clarity of the different product lines.
The new look was designed by the advertising agency doop dmp Oy.

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