Magnus Nylund – Manner’s brains

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Magnus Nylund’s career at Manner began in January 1987, when a fellow student was leaving the company and encouraged Magnus to apply for the production planner job that was soon to be vacant. Nylund progressed rapidly from supervisory roles in the metal and tools department to heading up the plastics department, and, in 2008, he was appointed Manner’s Technology Manager. Magnus is responsible for Manner’s key equipment investments as well as the maintenance of the machinery and premises, and he also designs new products and is heavily involved in product development. Anything new that comes to Manner goes to Magnus first, so it would be no exaggeration to say that Magnus is Manner’s brains.

Products and manufacturing processes have developed considerably during Magnus Nylund’s career. The most important product in 1987 was the recently revamped LK 100-125 series roll container castor, and metal products, which played a big role at that time, required a lot of further processing by hand. With metal products, the trend is towards cutting tools, and with plastic products towards two-component injection moulding. The first robot was acquired in 1991, and now around a dozen robots work in different assembly tasks. The global trend has shifted from metal products to plastic products, and the development has been very quick. The introduction of the Wheel 2000, Tango and Smart series has set great demands on the appearance and durability of the products, which in turn has required completely new tools, plastic materials and manufacturing methods.

A calm nature and the desire to solve problems are the features that have been Magnus Nylund’s assets in his job. As well, of course, as his interest in technology, but that would not have been enough, on its own, to keep the man working for the same employer for such a long time. Nice colleagues and Manner’s team spirit have also been very important.

Magnus Nylund sees Manner’s future in a very optimistic light. The employees are very driven, and a lot of development work is done directly with its customers. Castors whose appearance and functionality can be tailored to customer specifications are a particularly important product group. New raw materials and their combinations also offer opportunities to manufacture castors with special features. Nylund believes that this sector will grow further.

Magnus Nylund dedicates his spare time to his family and the family dog. As he is from the coastal town of Ekenäs, boating and life in the archipelago are close to Magnus’ heart. In his free time, Magnus likes to hunt, fish, go kayaking and hike in the wild. He is not completely disconnected from technology even when he is at his summer cottage, as there are always motors and devices to work on. Magnus even built his own hovercraft so that he could get around the archipelago in winter.

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