At Manner, kiky hours are spent exercising

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Manner invests in employees’ fitness and well-being

The Competitiveness Pact that came into force in Finland extends annual working hours by 24 hours in 2018. In many workplaces, the issue has been met with mixed feelings, and the impact on the atmosphere has even been negative. Manner decided to focus on the positive, and its employees can spend the so-called kiky hours on physical activities. The aim is to invest in employees’ fitness and well-being as well as to enhance the sense of community. These activities will improve Manner’s already good atmosphere.

Manner brought in a partner to tell employees about the benefits of exercise and to give everyone tips on how to keep fit. We also have an app that allows everyone to track his or her level of activity and to encourage colleagues. The idea was warmly welcomed by Manner employees, and people have been eager to take part in physical activities. Teams have set up groups that go walking together, and, during their coffee breaks, people talk about their well-being points and the amount of exercise they have done during the week. Many employees have described how the community, the app and the opportunity to use the extra working hours for sports have significantly increased their level of activity. The team spirit and encouragement from colleagues have made sure that employees stay active even after they have spent the kiky hours exercising.

We are very proud of how active the people at Manner are and how people encourage each other to exercise. We did not expect this level of positive atmosphere and intense team spirit when we launched the initiative. We would like to further develop the idea and find new ways to encourage people to exercise and care for their own well-being as our most precious asset is fit and motivated employees.

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