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Special features

Manner provides a wide range of special castors for demanding applications: heat resistant, conductive, stainless and non-magnetic castors as well as castors with RFID tags. In addition, we design and manufacture customised castor solutions.

Heat-resistant castors

80-125 mm | 60-145 kg

Heat-resistant castors and wheels are intended for applications in which the instantaneous temperature can reach up to +300°C. The temporary and constant heat resistance of the castors varies between +150 and +300°C depending on the materials used.

Conductive castors

75-160 mm | 50-350 kg

Conductive castors are used in places where static discharge must be directed away from a device or a trolley, or static discharge must be prevented.

Stainless castors

80-200 mm | 70-600 kg

Stainless castors are the right choice for wet and damp conditions that have a corrosive effect.


100-125 mm | 100-150 kg

Smart orange

Manner RFID castor is an innovative solution combining a standard castor with radio frequency identification technology (RFID).

Non-magnetic castors

100-125 mm | 0 - 70 kg

Non-magnetic castors are designed for environments where equipment must be non-magnetic to prevent it from interfering with nearby magnetic fields.

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