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New design for 75 mm Tango castor

We have redesigned the 75 mm Tango castor.

The appearance and features of the new design are equivalent to those of the 100 mm and 125 mm Tango castors, and now the Tango 75 offers the same unique advantages:
• functionality and mobility
• protection against finger injuries in the brake pedal
• two different shapes of brake pedal
• modern visual appearance of the delicate, curved fork
• due to the new design, the castor is easier to keep clean

The outer measurements and technical features of the castor remain unchanged. The new castor model has the same fixing, wheel and standard colour options as the old model.

Due to the update, the product codes and titles will be changed. The abbreviations MK, MKR, MKL and MKT in the title become GK, GKR, GKL and GKT, respectively.

For more information please download the updated Manner catalogue or use the product search.

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