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Mechanically locked Manner® SMART

Manner® SMART castor series

Manner has developed SMART castor series for medical and rehabilitation equipment. Manner® e-SMART is equipped with a unique locking system. The locking is operated by an electric motor. Manner® SMART: Easy-to-reach manually locked equipment castor. Both locking pedal and lock release pedal are always in view and in reach.

Manner e-SMART

The patented and easy-to-use Manner® SMART castors have a mechanical locking system, and facilitate daily routines in the field of medical care and rehabilitation. Available with total-stop lock, directional lock or swivel.

A castor locking system must operate fluently in changing work environments. That is why the design of Manner SMART is based on reliability and ease of use. Locking and releasing is effortless, light and quick, which saves time and strain.

The structure of the Manner SMART locking mechanism is designed to function reliably and safely — day after day, year after year. The simple, secured locking system meets demanding safety requirements. The castor is maintenance free, since there are no wearing lock components and no need for adjustments. The locking system cannot be harmed by wear or dust on the wheel tread. The encased and stable structure of the castor protects the locking mechanism. Thanks to the special ball bearing, the castor turns easily and keeps on rolling smoothly throughout its entire life cycle.


Reddot Design Award 2010


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