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Product development

Manner has over 80 years’ experience with the design and manufacturing of castor products. The company’s in-house R&D capabilities and production operations have created the most favourable prerequisites for special expertise, reliability and well as expert technical support and customer services.

Principles of product development

  • Exploitation of latest technologies (3D design; strength calculations)

  • Careful testing of products, materials and components

  • Stringent performance criteria endure high Manner quality

  • Visual design is an essential part of products

  • Utilisation of environmentally friendly raw materials and production processes.

Design – one of our main strengths

When developing new products and improving existing models, design always plays a key role in R&D work; Manner already has a long tradition of successful collaborations with some of Finland’s top industrial designers.

Manner’s Wheel 2000 was awarded honourable mention in the Finnish Pro Finnish Design competition. The Tango castor, one of the most successful results of our R&D work, is made entirely of non-corroding polyamides that represent state-of-the-art development on a global scale.

With their excellent and innovative design our new products, Manner e-Smart and Manner Smart, represent state-of-the-art development and have won the international red dot design award.


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